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Euthanasia is an important and necessary part of a veterinary practice but a very difficult topic to discuss.  We provide euthanasia services by appointment or house call services are available. We strive to provide compassionate and tender care in this last event in your pets' life.  You will have several decisions to make.  The first is whether you will stay with your pet while the euthanasia is performed.  We encourage you to do so, but understand when this is not possible.  Euthanasia requires that we give an intravenous overdose of anesthesia, and when needed we do provide pre-euthanasia sedation.  It can be an emotionally difficult procedure but rest assured we have all had to do this with our own beloved pets and do understand the hardship involved. The next decision is the disposition of your pets remains.  If your town and the climate permits, burial at home is often done.  On request we can provide cremation services where the ashes may be individually collected and returned to you in a very nice wooden urn . 


This is the most difficult decision any pet owner can make.  We will do our best to help guide you in any way possible.

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