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 Feline Health Recommendations
8 weeks old:
Wellness Exam
1st RCPN vaccination (feline respiratory tract and feline distemper vaccines)
Intestinal Parasite (worm) examination - please bring less no than 1" of fresh stool (litter is OK) Feline Leukemia / Feline AIDS blood test     
12 weeks of age:
Wellness Exam
2nd RCPN vaccination
Rabies vaccination (requires booster in 1 year)
Intestinal Parasite re-check if indicated
1st Feline Leukemia vaccination for indoor/outdoor cats    
16 weeks of age:
Wellness Exam 
3rd RCPN vaccination
2nd Feline Leukemia vaccination as needed
Intestinal Parasite re-check if indicated   
  6 months old:
Neutering (female - spay, male - castration)

Adult Cat
Wellness Exam 
Booster RCPN (feline respiratory tract and feline distemper vaccines)
Rabies booster every 3 years (after the one year booster)
Booster Feline Leukemia vaccine as needed
Annual Intestinal Parasite Stool check - please bring no less than 1" of fresh stool