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Disorders that often respond to laser therapy



Therapeutic Laser


Class IV Laser Therapy 

In January 2011, The Kindness Animal Hospital added Laser Therapy  by purchasing a Class IV laser from Companion Therapy Laser.
Class IV Laser therapy provides a  pain-free, surgery- free, drug-free method to treat injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, numerous dermatological problems, and pain, both acute and chronic. We use the laser on all post-surgical patients, where appropriate, to help the healing process.

The Science Behind Laser Therapy 
This FDA cleared, deep-penetrating light allows relief of pain through the release of endorphins and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate.  Laser therapy actually stimulates the body to heal from within.       Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body and absorbed by the injured cells.     The tissues are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism, increased blood flow, an anti-inflammatory reaction, production of the body’s own pain relievers (like endorphins) and an overall acceleration of the healing process.
Biological Effects of Laser Therapy:
  • Improved Circulation
  • Increased Cellular Metabolic Activity
  • Reduced Fibrous Tissue (Scar) Formation
  • Improved Nerve Cell Recovery
  • Stimulation of Acupuncture and Trigger Points
  • Stimulation of Immune Cells and Removal of Diseased Tissue

*An appointment is needed for a Veterinarian to evaluate your pet prior to starting Laser Therapy.  Treatment itself is usually provided by our Laser Therapy Certified Technicians